Welcome to Herstory!

Welcome to my blog! I’m a writer whose first novel, Future Perfect, will be published by Elsewhen Press later this year.  For those who are interested, check out the rest of my website at http://katrinamountfort.com

But this blog isn’t a blatant self-publicity vehicle; it’s a chance for me to explore my other interests. My novel is set in a future world where much of the world’s history is suppressed. And it occurred to me that, while history has never been more freely available in today’s society, some stories have been told more than others, and the ones that get pushed aside are usually about women. The word says it all, doesn’t it? History. His story.  So I intend to write herstory.

I started with a long-held passion for intrepid Victorian women travellers. It’s hard not to be impressed by women travelling alone, in an age where a woman’s place wasn’t meant to extend more than a few miles from the home and, even then, usually on the arm of her husband. In fact, when I thought about it, I came up with a long list of women that intrigued me.  Some inspired me, some surprised me, some made me sad. But they all had one thing in common. They dared to be different.

But when I read biographies about these inspirational women, I found it hard to sustain my enthusiasm. We all have short attention spans these days, let’s face it. Why plough through pages and pages about someone’s childhood when all you really want to do it get to the juicy bits? So that’s what I plan to do. Bite-size pieces on some of the women that grabbed my interest, from Mrs Beeton to Lucrezia Borgia.

I’ll start next week with Margaret Fountaine, a woman who refused to conform to the social norms of Victorian England, and whose story has the happiest of happy endings.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Herstory!

  1. Terry Tyler says:

    INteresting plans! As for blogs being ‘blatant publicity vehicles’ for books, I do know what you mean but think only about 50% of writers’ blogs are for that – you know the sort I mean, the type that are only about that person’s books. I, like many others, use my blog as just somewhere to write about anything else that occurs to me. If find a blog so useful for that; it saves making too-long posts on Facebook!

    Of course some people do buy your books after enjoying your blog articles, but I see the blog post as an end in itself. If you want more exposure for yours, a very good way to accomplish this is to post the articles on Twitter on a Monday, with the #MondayBlogs hashtag, and retweet others on it. Loads of really interesting stuff posted on Mondays!

    My favourite Amazing Woman in history is Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII. Oh – and I came to your blog via your comments on JD Hughes post, via my email!

    • Thanks for your comment, Terry and the advice – didn’t know about #Monday blogs. As you’ve gathered, I’m a complete newbie where all this is concerned. Naturally, I would love it if people discovered my books via this blog but like you say, the blog post has to be an end in itself and I’d agree, the proportion is around 50%; JD’s blog was genuinely interesting. Margaret Beaufort – hmm, she might be a good addition to my list. My knowledge of her is restricted to what I know from Philippa Gregory novels but if they were at all correct, she was quite a character!

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